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    27 August at 13:23 from atlas

    BRUSSELS, Belgium: Enlist today for our Trade Day in October to be one of the first to experience our new Zombie Technology.   

    Complete with awesome sound effects the new Zombie Tech enables gamers to play out as series of post apocalypse Live-Plays.

    "SATR in Zombie Mode is awesome, you start as either a human trying to survive or one of the undead," said Nicole Lander, Marketing Commanding Officer, Battlefield Sports.  

    Team "Zombies" versus Team "Defenders" Zombies start with 2 hit points, defenders start with 4 hit points (with Zombie hit points set to 2 on each Defenders gaming gun). Defenders are initially armed with rifle gun class and a Kar98K with only 1 spare magazine. Zombies should have SMG's or Pistols, gun class and weapon emulation irrelevant.

    This live play can run for up to 15 minutes which is the time the chopper will arrive to extract living, even infected players from the zone of contamination.

    The game ends if all defenders have been turned into Zombies.

    For beginners, the haunted mode should be used. For experienced players the harder Apocalypse mode should be used with infection time of 4 minutes per hit point (this means after they get hit once, they will turn into a zombie in 16 minutes- no problem (4 hit points left), get hit again, they turn into a Zombie in 12 minutes (3 hit points left)... A medic box respawns on a turning Defender into a Zombie will restore the hit points to 5 but will reset the infection time to 4 minutes only.

    "To add to the scare-factor we encourage gamers to invest in costumes." said Nicole. 

    The new laser tag equipment is perfect for zombie games. You can use the new Quester (melee box) to secret into the zombie actors' costumes.

    Battlefield Sports' guns shoot infrared "bullets" to simulate the direct-fire effects of each gamer's engagements on the battlefield.


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