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  • Creating a Facebook Presence

    21 September at 16:04 from atlas

    Creating a Facebook page for your organization or business is straight forward and is a great starting point for you to get involved in social media.

    Step 1
    You must be registered as an individual user of Facebook.

    Step 2
    Click on Create a Page at the bottom of your Facebook home page. It is important NOT to create another personal Facebook record. This is because as an individual you cannot have more than 5,000 friends and because you really want to present your organization as a brand, not as a person.

    Step 3
    Choose "Company, Organization or Institution" and from the drop down list select "company". Put in the business's name and click the Get Started Button.

    Step 4
    Add a profile picture, such as the business logo, a description and choose a Facebook address. The timeline layout means that your main image (also called your cover photo) is 851 pixels by 315 pixels. Your profile image is 180px by 180px. NOTE: Facebook has several rules for your cover photo, namely it may not contain:

    • Price or purchase info e.g. "30% off"
    • Contact info - pop this into your "About" section instead
    • References to user interaction e.g. a big arrow pointing to the "like" button
    • Calls to Action such as "Use this image as your cover image on your personal timeline". 
    • The images cannot be false or deceptive and they must not infringe on other's intellectual property.

    Step 5
    Facebook then takes you through various steps to establish your page, including inviting all of your friends and acquaintances to "Like" the page. 

    Step 6
    You need to make everyone aware of the new Facebook presence so that members can make use of it. Add the Facebook Logo to your organization's newsletters and website. Heck, even update your link at the bottom of your email signature.

    Step 7
    Finally add content to tell your brand's story to your viewers:

    • snippets of news
    • stories about gamers - their successes & experiences
    • cancellation of session (if relevant e.g. a tornado or hurricane)
    • new event information
    • new sessions or event bookings
    • photos of gamers (once you have their permission)
    • anything that is relevant to your gamers.


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